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Public & Private Art Commissions

Learn Charter School, 2004

Ceramic mosaic & generic floor tiles

12' Diameter

Commissioned by L.E.A.R.N school board of directors, this circular mosaic design for the newly constructed L.E.A.RN Charter School on Chicago’s Westside is the inlay for the front entry. The concept of the design is to encourage learning and support of all cultures in the process. The mosaic sits at the main entry of the school and was designed to evoke a desire for learning by adding a bit of sunshine upon entry. Students grade 3 to 8; along with Artist Jenny Learner provided input in the overall design..

IACP Cheese Mosaic, 2007

Top 4' x 6'; Base 5' x 3' x 2'"

ONE NIGHT ONLY! Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois Commissioned by Shelley Young, Chopping Block, for the Opening Reception of the 2007 International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). The top portion of the artwork is made from an assortment of 12 perishable Wisconsin cheeses. The base is designed using integral color cement.

Winona Lake Sundial (2007)

This public art ‘Sundial’, commission by Winona Lake is the concept of Linda Doyle and one of a series of sculptures commissioned by the town. Teaming with artist Linda Doyle who created the embedded eagle and the hands with butterfly atop of the sundial was a delight. Not only did I enjoy co-design of this project, I also enjoyed the people of the town who made it a privilege to be there and supporting us through the end. Our piece was chosen to mark the remembrance of September 11, 2001.

Andersonville Galleria

Anderson Gailleria Mosaic Facade & Front Entry`

This project was a double bonus because it offered a paid opportunity for an Artist to create the façade for a storefront that represented Artist; allowing them ownership of representation and the sale of their works. The Andersonvile Galleria is the brainstorm of two special and wonderful Art loving local developers Mark Falanga and Ray Pesavento. It gives way for Artist such as myself to be free to prosper.

Anderson Gailleria Flower Pot

The giant flower pot which sits outside the Galleria was created using acrylics.

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