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Antarctica Series

About the Work (2008)

Gouache painted over Enhanced Digital Image on Watercolor Paper & Oil Glazed.

The Antarctica Series is a conversation about global warming. These are artist enhanced and modified images of Robert Scott’s Hut at Hut Point 1902 -1903 and Cape Evans, Ross Island 1911; and Ernest Shackleton’s Hut 1907-1909 at Cape Royds, Ross Island. Scott, the second explorer of the British Antarctic Expedition, and his crew froze to death while trying to return to his hut. Each work in this series includes custom framing done by the artist as not to distract for story being told.

The Paintings depict objects preserved in the huts by the Antarctic cold, just as Scott left it upon his death. The work includes the Shackleton Hut and its contents as well. The huts and supplies remained intact until around 2006 or so, whereas a new fungus grew roots and began to eat at the once preserved items. This fungus, unlike those before it, has no useful properties and at the time of this creation had no cure. Therefore, for this Artist, it opened the discussion and a warning of global warming. Photo Credit: Seth White, Engineer. The huts are currently under preservation and managed by the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

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