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Passages: Windows and Doors

About the Work, 1999

Medium: Soft Pastels on Birch Bark

This series is about choices, using windows and doors as the determining factor in which to view possibilities.

Raw Birch Bark is used as the primary medium because it constitutes not only a communication medium in its rawest form, but allows for nature to contribute directly to human creativity without sacrifice.

The bark is hand peeled by the artist from live or fallen birch trees. The bark is cleaned and peeled to create anywhere from four (4) to eight (8) sheets, of varied thickness. Soft pastel pigment is applied via painting, drawing and smudging. The bark is used while it is still moist, allowing the soft pastels to absorb into the pores of the bark. The union is accepted as if it were apart of natures natural process in bringing the bark alive with color. The final process is completed by spraying the finish artwork with a UV protect varnish coating and mounted onto an acid free black matte board.

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