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Cracked Not Broken

The Evolution

About the Work (2013 to Present)

Acryic on Canvas

Cracked Not Broken is a series about recovery, depicting life as a series of bumps and cracks and the ability to heal. Using acrylic paint and gels to build a foundation with embedded imagery reflects memories of love and wellness. The cracks refers to mending what once was thought broken. It is a process of tremendous exploration, where each broken piece floating between the cracks becomes an entity within itself, telling its own story. The cracks are the path to redemption, representing a dance to your favorite song, a sound resonating in your ear long after the music ends; while allowing the movement to continue.

I frequently seek to create an organic flow to my work, which is often accomplished by building upon the canvas, layering, carving and color blending. A desire for texture and tension, evident in my work, often drives me to mix mediums that might not otherwise be considered companions.

In memory of my beloved muse Jack C. George (1956-2012)

The Beginning

Limited Edition - Studies

At times I like to use study pieces to get a sense of the imagery dancing in the broken spaces. The work is no less intense, but it does help to determine whether I should invest more time in the larger works. Of the ones below, 'Stepping Out' is the only one calling me to tranform it into a larger piece.

Acrylic on Canvas Size: 8" x 8"

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