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Impermanence in Dots

About the Work, 2002

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

This work is based on the Artists’ study of the Tibetan’s Sand Mandela circle of impermanence and the Aborigine’s primitive dotted aerial view of sight.

Although the circle is a symbol of eternity and infinite, this body of work communicates how primitive and impermanent our world is within the circle. The dots represent how fragile we are within our manmade structures. It attempts to remind the human race that we should begin to live by enjoying the simple things in life; return to the concept of community and family and free ourselves.

We are a global community; perhaps it is time we remember, how we live today is based on a legion of nations and cultures; recall what each brings to the table in creating our beautiful human colored palette. We are infinite in our ability to love, share and be a great world community.

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