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From Color to Black & White

About the Work (2001-03)

Medium: Gouache On Paper

Forgotten places and unseen faces, often the product of urban sprawls, consumed this artist while traveling and teaching art to inner city youth in working poor communities. Drawn by the beauty that once was ; the horror and ugliness after years of neglect and the children trapped within these structures moved the artist to create this ongoing body of work.

Black & white is used as the palette because all color disappears when one steps out of the comfort of their tree lined suburban streets and peer into this unknown world. It is astonishing how black & white has the ability to tell a story of both beauty and ugliness like no words can express. The framing of the work is just as important as the artwork itself. Designed to feel like windows, they become the portal to view and remember what so many of us work hard to forget.

The flower or brush of color, however small represents the life of the children unknowingly trapped within these structures; before the gangs and streets have absorbed them; while they still have dreams of grandeur and life is not yet black or white in their eyes. At this moment, there seems a future of endless possibilities.

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