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Insanity Series

About the Work, 2000

Gouache On Paper & Oil Glazed

The Insanity series represents the spiritual development of the self during a time of chaos, multitasking, lost time and diminishing space. Derived from the color change of the leaves in the Fall, this work attempts to “Aw!” the audience by stimulating and awakening the senses. This conceptual abstract series focuses on chaos and calm by means of color and movement. The rich colors and organic shapes are used to give the artwork an active feel, depicting time in fast forward and folding into itself. The idea is to move the eyes and challenge the mind to wrap itself around the chaos of the imagery and recognize the treasures and beauty within; thus finding a sense of calm.

To avoid distractions to the artwork, this artist has chosen a less traditional method of framing. The work is painted onto heavy water paper stock and then mounted onto panel with a blind frame and oil glazed for durability. This eliminates all distractions and the viewer is left with only the imagery, which appears to have no ending.

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