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Mapping Math Series

About the Work (2013 to Present)

Mixed Medium

Math is all around us. It drives every aspect of our lives. This series begun with my own challenges with algebra while pursuing a degree as a computer scientist; it continues throughout my teachings as a traveling artist in Schools, where the need to strengthen skills in this area resides across the board.

Math represents the future of our country, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to redefine jobs; the preparedness in math poses the biggest challenge for each new generation and their ability to adapt.

As a Fine Art Artist and Computer Scientist, I tend to see and hear numbers everywhere. They are reoccurrences in my paintings, the birds chirping outside my window, how many steps it takes before I lose my breath climbing the stairs; the honeycomb planted snuggly in the corner of my window to the programming of this site. Oddly I find numbers fascinating whether I have an understanding or not, numbers and symbols intrigue me as they appear all around me.

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