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Mosaic/Canvas Series

About the Work (2005 - 2006)

Mixed Medium: Smalti & Prism mosaic on Hardboard: Acrylic on Canvas. Mosaic Canvas was perhaps one of the most exciting and challenging works in my collection. They were often created between public art projects and commission works.

The concept came about after completing a mosaic floor for a school on the west side of Chicago, Illinois (see commissioned work). I fell in love with specialty glass tiles, especially Italian and Mexican Smalti; as the richness of the colors reflect earlier works I've done on paper.After creating two 100 percent mosaic hanging pieces, I realized I missed the softness of my canvas. This lead to the concept of combining both mediums and the Mosaic/Canvas series was born. In order to make these two art forms work as one, I had to build a custom foundation.

Mosaic (2005)

Initial approach to creating hanging mosaic artworks. Mosaic on Hardboard

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