Nadine ‘Yadi’ Royster is a self-instructed, internationally known fine art artist, published author and computer scientist. Best known as ‘Yadi’, residing in Evanston, Illinois, she is an (IAC) Illinois Art Council grant recipient, has sold hundreds of paintings to private patrons and has been commissioned for several public, corporate and residential artworks. She is also a teaching artist, traveling throughout Chicago Public Schools and Northshore for Art Encounter of Evanston.

Yadi began her journey as an artist during her years in corporate America where she worked in Operations Management with a specialization in Accounting for over 25 years. She left a lucrative position in the late nineties to pursue a fulltime artist career. In 2010, Yadi was forced into an involuntary sabbatical causing the closing of her Gallery in Evanston. She returned to the studio to create new works starting in 2015. It was a slow process as she began mending from a series of unfortunate events from personal loss and very serious personal health issues. During the seven years of studio absent, it was a time of reassessing life and discovering a new perspective on creating artwork that had no negative affect to her health. She had to discover new materials and new ways to infuse texture and cement into her work. She returned to school in to earn a degree in Computer Science and received her degree with honors in 2014 from Devry University during this period.

Yadi has a passion for texture and mixing media, as she often practiced in her work. The risk of mixing materials that might not otherwise be considered companions is the greatest challenge in my work. She works in series because it is most representative of the various phases of her spiritual and personal evolution.

Working as a professional fine art artist for over 20 years, she has appeared in several publications, such as the October 2007 Food Arts Magazine for her 4’ x 6’ Cheese Mosaic; September 2007 Union Times and Quest Warsaw/Winona Lake for her mosaic sculpture work on the Peace Sundial Mosaic. Winner of Best of America Mixed Media, her work was published in the 2006 America Mixed Media Artists & Artisans by Kennedy Publishing. She won the Award of Excellence in 2000 at the Skokie Art Festival for her colorful Abstracts on Paper. . Yadi’s public mosaics are featured on the Mosaic Atlas (worldwide public art website), featuring public mosaic art from around the world; and published in the 2005 Mosaic Art Yearbook, in digital format.