My work begins with a storyline of something that has grabbed my attention and builds into a series. It is not restricted to any particular genre, instead whatever it takes to complete the vision. I have a passion for texture and mixing media. Dreams often form the basis of my work as I approach each new challenge with apprehension and excitement. My hands have long been my muse. They tend to have a life of their own. As a balanced brain individual, it’s not surprising I mix mediums, styles, and techniques to achieve new sensations. I have an insatiable appetite to know and master those things I don’t understand and challenge those things I think I know.

On one hand, I enjoy challenging the elements of color, textures, and mixing of materials that might not otherwise be considered companions. I am a tomboy by nature and love tools and building. On the other hand, I am driven by a social consciousness that calls for me to paint in black and white. Much like the old black and white movies, painting with the void of color relieves the viewer from distraction.

In my current artworks, mapping math, the conversation is about the balance between analytical and creative. The work, derived out of frustration during my first year as a programming student, the series was born and problems solved. Using my original crumbled math notes and acrylics on canvas gave birth to the series. Although not a mathematician, I find numbers and symbols magical. In short, my work seeks to give voice to the marriage of the analytical and creative.

Nadine 'Yadi' Royster